Wings of Hope
Annual Beach Trip
Summer 2015

St. Joseph Family of Haiti

Fall of 2016 is coming up fast! The children are now settled into the new Wings of Hope home in Jacmel, which wouldn't have happened without your generous support and never-ending encouragement. The new facility is 100% handicapped accessible. Designed as a single story building, there are no steps or even ramps - everything is flat and level. The bathrooms have extra wide stalls, and children can now shower in their wheelchairs. The central courtyard is perfect for group activities, including music therapy, play, meals and guest interaction. It is a new Wings day!

The St. Joseph Family is now in it's 31st year of continuous operation in Haiti, and has graduated over 105 boys into adulthood and independent living. All three of the St. Joseph Family homes are now being managed and led by men who were once SJF children, rescued off the streets of Haiti, and provided with an opportunity for a better life. Lead Servant for Mission Maya Fond-Rose, Bill Nathan (St. Joseph Home for Boys), Jacky Asse (Wings of Hope Home) and Daniel Jeanmary (Trinity House) are living testaments to the power of the St. Joseph Family's mission work.

HURRICANE REPORT #1 (10.09.16) - After two days of high winds (140mph) and heavy rain (40"), Haiti is slowly starting to assess the damage, recover and repair. As the three pictures below show, the storm was impactful, with the most affected areas located in the southwest tip of the country (Jeremie, Les Cayes, Leogane). Jacmel was hit hard, but Wings of Hope and The St. Joseph Home for Boys (in Petionville), received relatively minor damage (broken windows & screens, water leaks and puddles). Full assessments will be available in the coming days. Thanks to our generous donors and to our talented architect/builder Lionel Allen, both buildings (being well designed and properly constructed) endured the storm.
Wings of Hope Construction Project
Completed January 2016 (Jacmel)



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